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GoDaddy punched in the cPanel server by hackers

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Hackers successfully hit GoDaddy’s cPanel hosting servers with malware that “intermittently redirected random customer websites to malicious sites” the domain hosting firm has admitted – the latest in a string of breaches at the company, which recently touted plans to slash opex and staff in 2023 for cost savings of $100 million.

In March 2020 a threat actor stole the login credentials of 28,000 GoDaddy customers. Then In November 2021 “using a compromised password, an unauthorized third party accessed the provisioning system in our legacy code base for Managed WordPress (MWP), which impacted up to 1.2 million… customers across multiple GoDaddy brands” GoDaddy admitted – hinting in a February 16 filing that the attacks were by the same threat group.


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GoDaddy punched in the cPanel server by hackers

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