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Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

SEO for Small Businesses. SEO is about making improvements to your businesses website’s structure and content so its pages can be discovered by people searching for what you have to offer.

Increase Sales Organically

SEO for Small Businesses. We'll help you boost organic traffic from search engines, which is often the best method of acquiring new customers. 

On Page, Off Page & Technical SEO

On-page SEO is focused on content, Technical SEO is focused on performance, while Off-page SEO is about getting exposure for a website through building trust and authority for your content.

Detailed Traffic Analytics

Search terms are tracked and analyzed. We use this information to identify patterns and find opportunities for growth.

SEO for Small Business

SEO ranking factors on Google

According to FirstPageSagethese are the top Google ranking factors and how they are weighted:

  1. Consistent publication of high-quality content (26%)
  2. Keywords in meta title (17%)
  3. Backlinks (15%)
  4. Niche expertise (13%)
  5. User engagement (11%)
  6. Internal links (5%)
  7. Mobile-friendly/mobile-first (5%)
  8. Page speed (2%)
  9. Site security/SSL certificate (2%)
  10. Schema markup/structured data (1%)
  11. Keywords in URL (1%)
  12. Keywords in H1 (1%)

Given that there are at least 200 Google ranking factors; that’s at least 189 “other” factors that collectively make up that 1%. In other words, those seemingly small factors, like keywords in URL, that on their own make up 1%, are not so small.

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