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Website Hosting for Small Businesses

Web hosting is an essential service for every website, but it can be tricky to manage.

But what is Web Hosting?

Short Answer: A web Host is basically like your service provider. When you have a phone number, you pay a telecom to use their network. When you have a website, you pay a host, to use their network. It is what connects your website to the web, and all the other bits that need to be connected in order to work. 

I am quite happy with the web hosting management service provided. I never want to see another cPanel or DNS again. I just want my website to work. The customer support team is also incredibly helpful and responsive. 
Larry, Tapas Trains, Raleigh N.C.

All Plans Include:

Server management and maintenance

Regular backups and disaster recovery solutions

Domain name registration and management

Security monitoring

Optimization for speed and performance

SSL certificate installation and renewal

Scalability options to accommodate traffic growth

Protection against hacking attempts and malware

Assistance with website migrations and upgrades

Custom Email

You Shouldn't Even Have to Think About Your Web Hosting

Web hosting is an essential service for every website. It provides a space on the internet where your website files can be stored and accessed by visitors.

Our job is to make sure your website is accessible, fast, secure, and backed up. Everything is taken care of behind the scenes so you have one less thing to worry about. You won’t have to deal with confusing control panel software, configurations or unhelpful support staff.

That’s Why Web Hosting IS Included With Every Plan

Every website plan we offer includes managed web hosting at no extra cost. You won’t have any third-party charges or hidden fees. We keep things simple, with one affordable monthly rate.

We offer a variety of web hosting plans to fit your needs and budget. 


And you can go back to what you do best - running your business.
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