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Perfecting Your Online Image: 6 Tips for a Stellar Digital Persona

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Polishing Your Digital Persona.

In the digital age, your online reputation is like a shadow – always trailing behind you.

Whether you’re prepping for a job interview, background check, dating rendezvous, or school application, taking control of your digital presence is crucial.

Here are six savvy tips to ensure your online persona reflects the best version of you:

Polishing Your Digital Persona 

  1. Be Your Own Detective: Search Your Name, Email, and Phone Number (Google, Bing, Yahoo) Unleash your inner Sherlock.

    Before recruiters, hackers, or vengeful exes start their search, beat them to the punch.

    Know what they’ll find by conducting a thorough search of your name, email, and phone number.

    Stay a step ahead in the game.

  2. Erase Your Public Data: Ever found yourself listed on Google with strange companies and personal details?

    Take charge. Contact those websites peddling your info and reclaim your privacy.

    Some details might be harmless, but if it’s personal, it should be private.

    Scrub the unnecessary bits from the public eye.

  3. Social Media Scrutiny: Audit Your Accounts During your self-investigation, unearth old social media accounts, cringe-worthy posts, or overshared blog entries.

    It’s time for a social media spring cleaning.

    Evaluate everything with fresh eyes – delete or set to private what doesn’t align with your present self.

  4. Archive and Delete After evaluating your online history, it’s edit and delete time.

    Close down accounts that serve no purpose, and remember, not everything can be fully deleted from the internet.

    Be aware that the digital footprint is permanent, and even seemingly private content can resurface.

  5. Tweak Your Privacy Settings Navigate the labyrinth of privacy settings on your browser and mobile apps.

    Minimize who can access your personal data – photos, posts, location, and vital information.

    Make tagged photos private or, for the ultra-secure, consider bidding farewell to Facebook entirely.

  6. Respect Others’ Privacy Crafting a positive online image goes beyond your own posts.

    Be mindful of what you share and repost, as it reflects on you. Words and ideas shared become yours, so exercise caution, especially around sensitive topics.

    When posting photos, seek consent from others before tagging or encouraging friends to tag themselves.

Remember, it’s wise to be proactive about positivity online.

The internet has a memory as reliable as Pepperidge Farm – it never forgets.

Pepperidge Farm FB
Pepperidge Farm FB

Always be kind,
By Frank Joseph Rodgers

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